Stand up for your rights!

This past Saturday was a historic day for women.  Across the world, millions joined together to march for their rights and values.  Women and men alike held powerful signs that made it impossible to ignore their voice.  They marched for themselves, for the people they loved and for the experience of future generations to come.

When the time comes, and you are presented the opportunity to stand up for your rights, support your interests.  Boycott, march, make signs, vote and join the movement.  Do your part.  Most importantly, unleash your power as you combine forces with friends, family and complete strangers to stand up for what’s right.

-Kimberly Hodges

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  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    Not really smart advice

    You see the rest of us women had our march November 8 when we marched ourselves into the voters booth and voted for Trump

    That’s when your voice is really heard ✌ haha


    1. This wasn’t a trump bashing comment. And I mentioned voting as well. But marching is a more timely subject…so I think you did follow the same line of thought when you voted for your values and beliefs. Have a great day.


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