Girls Standing in their Power

“If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.”

-Alexander Hamilton

What do you stand for?  We’re taking the time to shout out some awesome girls and women who have taken a stand for what they believe in. Breathe in some inspiration and stand up for you!

Michelle Obama


Wikimedia Commons

We are shouting out FLOTUS for her Let Girls Learn initiative.  She has stood in her power in many ways throughout her life, but we especially appreciate her using her platform to stand up for oppressed girls around the world.

Megan Rapinoe



Megan Rapinoe, a US Women’s National Soccer Team star, has stirred controversy in the media for kneeling during the national anthem to protest in support of Colin Kapernick’s 2016 anti-police brutality demonstration.  She was the first white athlete to join Kapernick in his protest.  Since her joining, more athletes have followed.  Through kneeling, she stood up for what she believed in.

Alicia Keys



Alicia Keys is standing up to standards of beauty through embracing her #nomakeup face.  She is letting go of the pressure to keep up with the singular perspective of beauty so that she can begin to free herself of her insecurities associated with societies judgements. Since this letter, she has set her natural beauty free in her everyday life as well as industry events, such as the MTV Music Awards  Read her essay to Lenny Letter explaining her motivation behind her big change.

Samantha Gordon

Sam Gordon.png


Samantha Gordon is changing the face of youth football through her awesome participation in boys football leagues as well as being the face of and a founding member of the first girls youth tackle football league.  She hopes that by the time she gets to high school, college and post college that there will be a girls football league that she will be able to play in.  Check out her awesome video in this article here.

Destyni Tyree



Destyni Tyree is the example of a young woman standing in her power for herself.  This prom queen completed high school 2 years early, while working 25 hours a week and living in a homeless shelter.  Powerful!  To support her gofundme college fund, click here.

Misty Copeland


 Misty Copeland is known for changing the face of ballet through breaking glass ceilings and becoming the first African American female principle at the American Ballet Theatre.  She has a personal mission to inspire a diverse group of audiences to stand up for their dreams by not giving into the mold that society has set for them.

Natalie Hampton

Natalie Hampton is standing up for self esteem through the creation of an app that helps teens find welcoming tables to join in their cafeterias during lunch.  Her intention is to eliminate teens feeling lonely and being targets of bullying.  Check out the Sit With Us app.

Cliffanie Forrester


Cliffanie Forrester had her art work featured in the New York Met Museum at the age of 18.  When her art teacher told her about the competition, she was nervous that she would not win. But Cliffanie stood in her power and entered the competition.  Find her work at her  Etsy Shop page.